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ICCEE was presented at the World Sustainable Energy Days in Austria by Escan energy consulting, a project partner, to around 200 people. It was a good opportunity to hear from many industrial stakeholders about their progress in sustainability.

See below some conclusions and download the presentation from Escan’s Francisco Puente.

“The industrial food and beverage sector (F&B) is the largest manufacturing sector in the EU in terms of employment and added value, has a significant trade surplus, and EU food specialties are highly-appreciated globally. Over the past 10 years, EU food and beverage exports have doubled to more than 90 billion euros and contributed to a positive balance of almost 30 billion euros.

As part of the World Sustainable Energy Days conference (WSED 2020) on energy efficient industry, held in Wels – Austria -, Escan presented the first success stories of meat sector companies where energy savings over 30% have been achieved, mainly through changes of independent outdated systems replaced by new centralized cold equipment with modern control systems. In addition to the economic benefits associated with these measures, industry managers especially value the refrigerant gases impacts elimination or reduction by using new solutions and improvement of the operating and maintenance conditions.

The cold systems renewal has produced other positive side effects that have improved expectations. One of these effects has been the productivity and quality increase due to a better control of the manufacturing plants energy parameters. It also highlights the recovery of the heat produced by the compressors of the new systems, which avoids starting the heat generators (such as boilers) with the reduction of costs involved.

These improvement projects are framed in ICCEE where the focus is mainly on subsectors characterized by high cold needs – such as dairy, meat, fruits and vegetables and juices –as they have high energy consumption in refrigeration throughout the chain, and substantial energy savings can be generated.    

In Spain, the actions will be jointly developed by the Food and Beverage Industries Federation (FIAB, member of SPES), which has extensive experience in sustainable projects for its partners, and Escan energy consultants, offering technical assistance in energy analysis and training. 

Industry managers and operational staff who are interested in improving their cold systems, as well as industrial specialists with an interest in improving their energy efficiency knowledge, can learn more through the project website and take part!”

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