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This short webinar presents the latest updates of ICCEE, a project improving the cold chain energy efficiency of the food and beverage sector.

The webinar focused first on presenting the progress towards 2021 (what was released, stakeholders involved, stakeholder engagement activities, sister projects) before going into coming activities: more trainings and webinars, an e-learning platform as well as the Industry Informative Network platform.

The e-learning platform, a Moodle available for free, until end of 2021, is available in English, French, Romanian, Italian, Dutch, German, Greek, Spanish and Latvian! Get 5-6h of training on how to improve energy efficiency in the cold chain of the food and beverage sector, especially for SMEs. Finally, a toolbox of 6 tools is now in validation stage, tested by companies involved in ICCEE before wider release.

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