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February 2021 is a significant milestone for the ICCEE project since we are approaching the half of our project life, and even if last year was a very particular year for all around the world and required significant effort to face a struggling pandemic situation, the partners of the project showed a great reaction capacity and the project plan was not significantly affected, even if some of the vis-a-vis activities were shifted online using a variety of platforms, with which all of us have been forced to become familiar.

The main outcomes of the project are the national trainings that have been organized in several countries already and more are to come in the upcoming months.

Moreover, the ICCEE toolbox with 6 tools is now in validation stage, tested by companies involved in ICCEE before wider release.

Finally, an e-learning platform is now available (free for everyone), thus I strongly encourage you to see hereafter the details on how to take this opportunity.

Moreover, in March we plan to release the Industry Informative Network where interested suppliers can enter their offer of technologies in the field of cold chain, while interested users can enter their requests of technology or their challenge to receive technical feedbacks or commercial offers.

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