Report with main findings and conclusions regarding training activities and courses

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One of the main activities of ICCEE is to create a capacity building program and a community dedicated to support the change in the energy culture of the organizations improving their energy performance through various activities.

The capacity building program consists of direct training, workshops and seminars with external experts, the development of an e-learning concept.

Through all these activities ICCEE allowed to increase the stakeholders’ awareness and knowledge on the energy and environmental issues leading to changes in habits and behaviour.

This document describes the ICCEE training activities managed through the dedicated workstream “Capacity building activities implementation” led by ESCAN. Its objective was to design, organize and implement trainings and capacity building programmes to enhance:

  • corporate policy towards energy efficiency,
  • energy culture (motivations, behaviour change, mitigation of perceived risks and barriers) and
  • sustainable supply-chain initiatives.

The trainings were originally meant to be conducted in-person, but because of the restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic many of the courses were held online using platforms like ZOOM or GoTo Webinar.

At the end of each training, a final test was submitted to the participants to evaluate the skills acquired during the training session. Participants who compiled the final test received the certificate of attendance via email, together with documents used by speakers during the webinar.

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