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This deliverable is linked to the activities of the Task 5.3 “Exploitation of the tool to additional supply chains in the Food & Beverage sector” led by FIRE which purpose was to extend the use of the tool to other supply chains of the food and beverage sector.

The activities aim to build a partnership with the industrial associations and other relevant organizations that are already active in similar venues to act as a platform for best practice and knowledge sharing from the learnings of the project that can be carried forward even after the end of the project.

To achieve these objectives, potential new stakeholders were identified together with the SPES partners to whom the ICCEE tool and IIN platform were presented.

The following presentation was a tool developed by FIRE and made available to the partners involved to facilitate, in the initial contact phase with the stakeholders, the presentation and understanding of the tool by showing its main results. The Deliverable 5.5 was elaborated in Power Point.

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