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The aim of ICCEE is to facilitate Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) belonging to supply chains in the food and beverage sector to undertake energy efficiency measures after carrying out overall supply chain energy audits. Specifically, these companies belong to different sectors and stages of the production processes (from agriculture, livestock and aquaculture, food processing, packaging, logistic, waste treatment and disposal sectors).
One of the main activities of ICCEE is to create a capacity building program and a community dedicated to support the change in the energy culture of the organizations improving their energy performance through various activities.
The ICCEE capacity building involve direct training, workshops and seminars with external experts and the development of an e-learning concept. Through all these activities ICCEE will allow to increase the stakeholders’ awareness and knowledge on the energy and environmental issues leading to changes in habits and behaviour.
This document describes the ICCEE e-learning activities within the dedicated Work Package 4 “Capacity building activities implementation” (leader: ESCAN) and the conclusions obtained on the overall results and per partner country.

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