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A prerequisite in order to realize transfer of project results and products into their professional domains is to ensure that potential end-users are informed about the project and its developments. This is part of the actions the project plans to bring visibility for target end-users and stakeholders.

To increase the impact of the project it was considered important to disseminate the tools developed within the project also to other supply chains of the food and beverage sector that were not directly considered among the pilot ones.
The aim of this activity is also to build a partnership with the industrial associations and other relevant organizations that are already active in similar venues to act as a platform for best practice and knowledge sharing from the learnings of the project that can be carried forward even after the end of the project.
To reach such result, was developed a questionnaire that the partners involved in this task have submitted to the companies identified at national level. The aim of the questionnaire is detecting the degree of understanding of the tool, the potential improvement actions that can be carried out on the tool to facilitate or to allow its use in specific sectors and on the usefulness of its use. The results of the surveys carried out are reported in this deliverable.

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