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A precondition for ICCEE success is the existence of mutual trust among the project team and the stakeholders. This is based on the know-how and the experience of the project team and on the involvement of key stakeholders. ICCEE partners enjoys the support of SPES member federations (if existing in the country) or other food and beverage or supply chain associations.

The workshops were originally meant to be conducted in a 2-days physical classroom, because of the restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic many of the courses were held online using platform like ZOOM, Teams or GoTo Meeting and the duration is 2 or 3 hours now. Moreover, web workshops are focused on training companies in one or several ICCEE tools.

As it was not possible to use the complete pack, the solution choosen is to present 2 or 3 tools, with focus on CSC and LCA tools (especially because they are the main tools of the project). Preparatory actions are needed to fulfill correctly the online workshop, such as preparing and uploading video tutorials to learn the objectives and how to use the different tools prepared and also try our best to collect data for the tools before the EU workshops.

Finally, the optional visits to industries were not possible due to the sanitary measures.

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