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Dear reader,

As ICCEE is near its ending, we are happy to share some news (from the project as well as from our topics of interest and related projects) and invite you to our final conference in Brussels, organised in collaboration with the DEESME project. The line up of speakers we have gathered is exciting, and we cannot wait to meet you all and exchange in Brussels, especially in the lunch following the event. There are still a few days to register, join us!

I am also happy to join several projects final events these days and promote ICCEE results, hopefully convincing and engaging additional SMEs on the way to more energy efficient value chains. You will find the recordings of these events in our newsletter.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal on our project topic for the LIFE+ call, do not hesitate to reach out (LIFE-2022-CET-BUSINESS Scope B).

Enjoy reading!

Simone Zanoni, University of Brescia, Coordinator of ICCEE

[INFOGRAPHIC] Measuring the implementation of energy efficiency measures and related energy efficiency investments

To assess to which extent the ICCEE national trainings supported reaching companies’ energy efficiency and sustainability targets, ICCEE asked participants to estimate savings and triggered investments.

With about 100 answers and a conservative estimation, we are happy to share the results.

[EVENT] Towards more energy efficient companies – focus on various industry sectors - June 28, 2022 – ICCEE final event

Discover the ICCEE approach and results in the first 1h30, opened by Ina Colombo-Youla, Deputy Director General of the International Institute of Refrigeration, while the second part, co-organised with the EU-funded project DEESME, gathers high-level speakers representing various fields (industry, policy, research) in 2 panel debates: on the factors preventing / facilitating the implementation of energy efficiency measures for companies in different sectors, and on an enabling policy and regulatory framework for value chains and SMEs energy efficiency. We look forward to welcoming you in Brussels – the event ends with a lunch to facilitate exchange. For those who cannot join us, we will strive to record the event or stream it. You should still register your interest online for that option.

[VIDEOS] ICCEE at Alimentaria and Cibus 2022, webinar recording in French

ICCEE representatives have organised or joined a couple of events in the past months, raising awareness on energy efficiency measures in the cold chain of the food and drink industry. Recordings or short highlights videos are available:

  • Alimentaria 2022 in Barcelona and Cibus in Milano: see highlights from these two fairs.
  • ANIA and ATEE webinar recording, in French, on how to manage energy consumption in cold chains (tools, sharing experiences, etc.)
  • Energy Efficiency Financing Assessment Tools, a training organised by the Triple-A, ICCEE and StreamSAVE projects, in Dutch. The aim of the training was to present the online assessment Tool developed and utilised within the Triple-A project to facilitate the financing of energy efficiency investments in the European Union. A discussion took place on the national context of the most prominent policies relating to energy efficiency projects, including their financing opportunities. The project videos are available here.

[JOIN US] The Industry Informative Network, an international community of cold chain companies ensuring the diffusion of innovative energy efficiency solutions

Are you an industry, a warehouse, a cold storage or logistic operator? Are you looking for opportunities to improve your core business when it comes to energy efficiency? Join our community, increase your energy culture and help others improve their skills too!

A platform for exchange, the IIN aims at gathering the various market stakeholders, bridging the gap between demand and supply sides. Several supply chain actors will have the opportunity to improve their core business by revising their operations, improving awareness towards energy efficiency and sustainable supply-chain initiatives.

Help us strengthen the tool and support the creation of an interactive Catalogue of Innovations, by filling technology offer and/or demand with energy efficiency solutions for the cold chain and receive tips on how to boost energy efficiency in your activities by adopting best practices already validated by other operators. For more details, please contact Mr. Maurizio Notarfonso


[REPORT] Impacts, Achievements and Success Stories of relevant EU- funded projects supporting the market uptake of Energy Efficiency measures in Industry and Services

The aim of this study, prepared by Ricardo for CINEA, is to evaluate the impact of 41 projects receiving funding from 2 EU funding programmes. The 41 projects sought to increase the market uptake of cost-effective energy efficiency measures within the industry and services sectors. The short report shares barriers, impact and recommendations. ICCEE is happily represented in the report!


[ARTICLE] Training, the development of corporate policies and energy audits, keys to the success of energy efficiency measures in SMEs

In a joint article with sister projects Innoveas, SMEmpower, E2driver, ICCEE and Triple A, and under the lead of the Speedier project, which just came to an end, we explore all crucial measures for companies, especially SMEs, to become more energy efficient. The article is available in Spanish and English:

[EUSEW session 2021] Increasing energy efficiency in SMEs for a clean energy transition – Event material

Building on the results of 7 EU-funded projects – DEESME, E2DRIVER, ICCEE, INNOVEAS, SMEmPOWER, SPEEDIER and Triple-A-, this session provided guidelines and good practice to implement energy efficiency solutions and to facilitate the energy transition.
SMEs have a high untapped energy saving potential which can be unlocked by overcoming structural, market and financial barriers. Attendees heard about available services, tools and policies that can unlock considerable amounts of energy/cost savings and assist in achieving emission targets.
The session focused on three key aspects of energy efficiency improvements in SMEs around Europe: barriers and opportunities in implementing energy efficiency solutions, best practices and case studies, such as trainings, tools, services etc., as well as policies to enhance the implementation of energy efficiency measures in SMEs in the upcoming years.

Useful resources

Collaborative workshop for H2020 and Interreg projects with Leap4SME

This peer-learning workshop was a stimulating opportunity to bring together different views and relevant experiences on barriers and enabling factors for an effective deployment of energy policies in SMEs. Access all presentations.

An SMEs guide to reducing their carbon footprint and environmental impact

Energy In Demand shares interesting articles in a monthly newsletter. The latest issue highlights a guide for SMEs prepared by Retail Merchant’s Services to support SMEs on how to keep carbon emissions and other harmful environmental outputs to a minimum. Included chapters explain what a carbon footprint is and how to reduce it.

Report on the evolution of financing practices for energy efficiency in buildings, SMEs and in industry

Energy efficiency investments must more than double to achieve the EU’s new climate and energy targets. This EEFIG report takes a deep dive into the status and identifies necessary actions to scale up energy efficiency investments in buildings, SMEs and industry.

Going green - Who is investing in energy efficiency, and why it matters

Investments in energy efficiency improvements are vital to ensure Europe’s future as a sustainable, yet prosperous economy. Amid the COVID-19 crisis, however, there is a great risk of losing sight of the benefits of energy efficiency investments by European firms. The EIB Investment Survey (EIBIS) provides a unique source of data that highlights how more investment in energy efficiency is needed.

[Recording] 7th IIR International Conference on Sustainability and the Cold Chain

Access to the recording of the presentations from April 2022 is now available. It includes keynote presentations as well as two Workshops (Carbon reduction opportunities for the food chain, Clean and efficient refrigeration solutions for food and healthcare sectors in developing countries) and paper presentations.

[Recording] The “Carbon reduction opportunities for the food chain”

The workshop was focused on the solutions brought by the EU-funded project ENOUGH to reduce emissions from the food sector as set by the EU farm to fork strategy. A panel discussion discussed the challenges and needs for the sector transiting to lower carbon footprint towards carbon neutrality by 2050.

UK SMEs ‘overwhelmed’ with tackling climate change

A new report reveals that 91% of small businesses feel this way – not knowing where to start on their carbon journey. More than 500 British SME owners were quizzed on their thoughts around sustainable action, with 83% feeling the government should do more to educate them on how to cut emissions and achieve net zero.

[Article] Feeding the world, preserving the planet

Do you know the environmental impact of the sandwich you had for lunch? Food production requires about 30 percent of the world’s total energy consumption and is still highly reliant on fossil fuels. In addition, industrial energy use is responsible for over 70% of global CO2 emissions. That sandwich has a high energy tag. To make eating that sandwich more environmentally friendly and secure a more sustainable future an EU-funded project called INNOVEAS proposes using energy audits to improve the energy efficiency of the industrial processes involved in producing your lunch.

Just and sustainable economy: the EU Commission lays down rules for companies to respect human rights and environment in global value chains

In February 2022, the European Commission has adopted a proposal for a Directive on corporate sustainability due diligence. The proposal aims to foster sustainable and responsible corporate behaviour throughout global value chains. Read more.

Building sustainable, future-proof food systems, a new hub by Energy Cities

Within this Hub, we will offer your city inspiration and exchange opportunities to foster cross-sectorial learning and cross-fertilise different policy areas, exploring ways and strategies to accelerate the transition towards sustainable & resilient food systems.

A powerful collaboration to standardise the value of non-energy benefits in energy efficiency investment decisions

The EU-funded project M-Benefits has joined efforts with the European Standardisation Body CEN-CENELEC to start the process for the development of a new EU standard enabling companies and organisations to identify, quantify, monetize, report and communicate the non-energy benefits of energy efficiency investments.

New companies backed by the eic Accelerator

With an allocated budget of €382 M, it will support 74 SMEs to accelerate their growth and lead the next wave of deep tech innovation. Meet the selected companies here, from 18 countries, 12% of which are female lead. ICCEE is happy that Antonio Pantaleo, programme manager for energy systems for the EIC, will join our June 28 final event!

News from sister projects

Sister projects - videos and news

If you missed them, the SPEEDIER (SME program for energy efficiency) and Innoveas (Climate change and increase in energy costs: perspectives and strategies for European SMEs) final event recordings are now available. You can also view the E2Driver project video, on its concept, motivation, goals and benefits for automotive SMEs. Finally, LEAP4SME has produced a series of interviews to catch up with, on energy efficiency for small businesses.

Do not miss out - SMEmPower final event, June 17

After three successful years, the EU H2020 SMEmPower Efficiency project invites you to the Final event held in Limassol, Cyprus, on the 17th of June 2022, as well as online. The event will host international speakers and other H2020 EU sister projects and it will be the opportunity to review the project's results and more about the energy efficiency for SMEs.

Technical report on SPEEDIER replication potential across EU

A set of guidelines on enhancing the corporate culture around energy efficiency.

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