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Interested in rising your skills on industrial refrigeration energy efficiency by e-learning?

ICCEE is aimed at turning energy efficiency opportunities of food and beverage companies into actual investments and finding out opportunities to improve the overall cold chain steps.

With this aim, a full capacity building program dedicated to improving the energy performance through direct training and e-learning has been designed and created by a team of experts coming from both the private and public sector.

ICCEE invites you to participate in our e-learning training course on energy efficiency in food and beverage cold supply chains designed for experts and non-experts in this field.

The course is accessible by anyone, free of charge and prepared for self-studying, with an estimate duration of 6 to 20 hours depending on the current background.

The topics include:

  • Energy efficiency in the food and beverage sector
  • Energy performance indicators
  • Energy Management System based on ISO50001 and Measurement and Verification (IPMVP)
  • Energy saving opportunities and best practices
  • Financial analysis and funding opportunities
  • LCA and LCC
  • Non-Energy Benefits (NEBs) and behavioural aspects
  • ICCEE tool introduction (optional, in some countries available)

The e-learning courses are available in:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Dutch
  • Romanian
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Latvian
  • Greek

In order to share experiences and introduce your comments, an open Forum is available.  

You might check the knowledge acquired answering the “Final Test”, to be completed after learning the contents. Please, support the project by providing feedback on the e-learning by means of the “Quality Test”, which allow us to improve the training.

Are you interested? You might start immediately with the registration process, by clicking on the following link and selecting the language, and creating your new account:  http://escansa.org/?lang=en

Before creating your account, we advise you to read the user manual.

If you have any questions or comments, contact us!

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