Join us – new date! ICCEE final conference – April 7, 2022, Wels (Austria)

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Join us!

The aim of ICCEE is to bridge the inefficiencies in the cold supply chain stages, increasing the energy efficiency and the energy culture of food and beverage manufacturing industries, warehouses, cold storage and logistic operators. It has also enhanced the awareness towards energy efficiency and sustainable supply chain initiatives at every organisational level, from top management to operational staff. ICCEE methodology - led by a group of industry, energy and IT experts -has developed a series of interrelated activities, which include a tailor-made tool for cold supply chains, and training courses to increase the supply chain energy efficiency in the food and beverage sector and implement real energy efficiency measures and investments. Discover the methodology, tools, capacity building and practical experiences in food and beverage cold supply chains gained by attending the ICCEE final event and obtain the free toolbox for replication in your projects.
  • See the agenda here
  • Final date now confirmed: April 7, 2021 (yet registration to the WSED allows participation to the full event).



The new "Fit for 55" package aims to put the EU on track towards climate neutrality. Energy accounts for 75% of GHG emissions. Speeding up the energy transition is critical! In 2022, the World Sustainable Energy Days (WSED) present the far-reaching transformation of policies, technologies and markets and how to raise the pace of change. The WSED are a leading annual conference on the energy transition and climate neutrality with more than 650 participants from over 60 countries.

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