Industry informative network

The Industry Informative Network (IIN) is a platform for stakeholder exchange, fostering the link between various market stakeholders and bridging the gap between demand and supply.

The IIN increases the energy culture of industrial companies, warehouse, cold storage and logistic operators, and creates the opportunity to improve their core business by revising their operations, increasing the awareness towards energy efficiency and sustainable supply-chain initiatives at every organizational level.

Its goals are to:

  • Stimulate energy efficiency through the creation and availability of manuals, brochures, technical notebooks and other available information on legislative and technical developments (i.e., energy efficient technologies, logistic equipment and other practices) for the cold supply chains in the food and beverage sector;
  • Promote energy efficiency by creating business intelligence and benchmarking databases which allow the evaluation of companies’ performance by their operators;
  • Foster the relationship between the various market stakeholders through the creation of platforms that combine demand and supply, representing a platform for discussion among them and with other experts;
  • Assist users in the enhancement of the energy efficiency through the treatment of information about the measures implemented in the energy audits and their effective implementation. By using the information available, users can discover how energy efficient their operation is, find out how to reduce energy consumption, and gain knowledge and awareness through training and education packages.

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