Supply Chain Energy Analysis

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Non Energy Benefits

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Life Cycle Analysis

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The ICCEE Tool

The tool includes a database to estimate the environmental and efficiency performances of a specific supply chain and its actors as well as to deliver the environmental eco-profiles of the production processes within the selected supply chain system.

Every user of the tool can specifically:

● add its own data and sector characteristics to the tool,

● carry out benchmarking analyses,

● evaluate the cost-benefit of the energy efficiency measures across the supply chain through the holistic approach,

● prioritize the same measures with the aim to improve the economic and energy performance of the whole supply chain and not of the single company that will implement the measure,

● assess non-energy benefits,

● perform what-if analyses to reduce the uncertainties and risks related to the decisions,

● be informed about existing funding opportunities to improve the feasibility of implementing energy efficiency measures.

The ICCEE tool can also be used for :

  • Energy flows
  • Benchmarking
  • Life cycle impacts


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