The general topics of the training valid for every supply chain and subsector are:

The training material will consist of a) general sections valid for each selected sub-sector on topics related to the supply chain energy efficiency, and b) specific sections tailored to the sub-sectors to facilitate sector specific learnings, providing ways to overcome the main barriers, identifying existing funding opportunities, and addressing other peculiarities to support the implementation of energy efficiency measures.

  • Energy outlook in the food and beverage sector
  • ISO 50001 – Energy system management
  • Energy Performance Indicators (EnPIs)
  • IPMVP – Measurement and Verification Protocol
  • Holistic approach
  • Supply chain management and industrial symbiosis
  • Energy saving opportunities on all the process from raw materials to final customer
  • Financial analyses, funding opportunities and LCCA
  • NEBs and behavioural aspects of energy efficiency
  • Tool’s introduction
The following trainings are happening in 2020-2021:



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